9 Harmful Beauty Ingredients (And What They Can Do to Your Skin)

Clean beauty has been a pretty big deal over the last few years. You can shop anywhere from Sephora to Target and find packages labeled “paraben-free,” “sulfate-free,” or “contains no artificial fragrances.” While you may know these ingredients should be avoided, you may not know why. So we talked to experts to get the lowdown on common harmful beauty ingredients and what they can do to your skin. The next time you go shopping for beauty products, be aware of the following ingredients. Fragran

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Exes Miss Them Most During Mercury Retrograde

If your ex's name is getting harder and harder to ignore, the universe may be trying to tell you something. Whenever Mercury is in retrograde, it's very typical for old flames to come out of the woodwork. And if you're an Aries, Cancer, or Libra, don't be surprised to receive a text from your ex. According to an astrologer, these are three zodiac signs whose exes miss them most during Mercury retrograde.

Sexpert-Approved Ways To Tease Your Partner In Bed

One of the best and easiest ways to boost attraction in your relationship is by being more playful with your partner, which can be done by mastering the art of teasing in order to build sexual tension. This is something you can do via text, throughout the day, and also by taking initiative to seduce your partner in the bedroom. "Sexual teasing increases attraction for many due to the notion: love seeks closeness, desire seeks distance," Christene Lozano, LMFT, a certified sex addiction therapis

4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Make A Huge Splash In The Dating Pool Post-Quarantine

Virtual dating may be the norm during quarantine, but it isn't for everyone. When it comes to astrology, there are some signs who would rather put a pause on dating until they can charm their date in person. Now that more people are leaving the house, it's finally their time to get back out there. According to an astrologer, there are four zodiac signs most likely to make a dating comeback post-quarantine.

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have Relationship Drama This Mercury Retrograde

If your relationship with your partner has been pretty rocky over the past couple of weeks, just hang in there for a little bit longer because we're middle of a Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury moving backward is known for causing miscommunications, you can pretty much expect some relationship drama during Mercury retrograde. And if you're an Aries, Cancer, or Leo, an astrologer says your relationship will be affected most.

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Start A Relationship Post-Quarantine

Between wearing masks in public and staying six feet apart from your partner, dating in a post-quarantine world may feel a little less romantic. Fortunately, the cosmos are here to bring a much-needed boost in the love department this summer, so trying to adjust to social distancing guidelines will feel a little easier for most signs. And if you're a Gemini, Capricorn, or Aquarius, it's going to be a summer of love: All three of these signs are most likely to start a relationship post-quarantine

3 Zodiac Exes Most Likely To Rekindle Post-Quarantine

Congratulations! You successfully avoided falling into the trap of getting back together with your ex in quarantine. Maybe you were hoping to meet someone new or just take the opportunity to do your own thing. But if your ex's silly Instagram posts or TikTok videos have suddenly made you start to miss them, it's not too late to reach out. According to an astrologer, rekindling a relationship with an ex post-quarantine is possible for three pairs of zodiac exes.

Don’t Plan A Date With These 3 Zodiac Signs During Mercury Retrograde

Single and trying to date in the middle of a Mercury retrograde? I wish you all the luck, especially if you're dating an air sign. Mercury retrograde is here until July 12, and anyone dating a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius might want to have a backup plan prepared in case of last-minute cancellations. According to an astrologer, these three signs are most likely to cancel a date during Mercury retrograde. If you thought they were flakey before, the next few weeks might show you just how flakey they

5 Zodiac Signs That Shouldn’t Text An Ex During Mercury Retrograde

Before you hit send on that carefully selected meme you know your ex would totally appreciate, just remember that Mercury retrograde is here. When the planet of thinking and communication moves backwards, it's common to reflect on past relationships. But just because you're thinking of an ex more than usual doesn't mean that you should hit send. In fact, astrologers say there are five zodiac signs who really shouldn't text an ex during Mercury retrograde.

3 Zodiac Couples Most Likely To Get Back Together This Mercury Retrograde

Since Mercury retrograde is known for making all sorts of things in your life go wrong, especially in regards to communication, it may seem tempting to put your love life on hold until it' passes. But according to astrologers, the astrological event is not always that bad. In fact, some couples may successfully get back together during Mercury retrograde. It all depends on a couple's birth charts. "Mercury in retrograde has a scary reputation, but it's actually a great thing for most of us," as

15 Questions To Ask Your Date Before You Meet Up In Person

Sooner rather than later, you may have to decide whether the person you've been talking to online will be worth meeting in person. While states are beginning to reopen after getting their coronavirus cases under control, even going on a socially distant date can feel a bit risky. Besides, just because you connected with someone online, it doesn't always mean that you'll click in person. And no one really wants to risk their health for a bad date. So, what can you do to determine who you should o

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To End A Long-Term Friendship During Quarantine

Friendship is more important than ever, but if you've been finding it hard to connect with a long-term friend lately, astrology could be to blame. According to astrologer Ingrid Hansen, "Three transformational eclipses this season are bound to make some partnerships reach their breaking point or be totally renewed." For three zodiac signs, that could mean ending a long-term friendship during quarantine. Just like a romantic relationship, friendships require effort from each individual in order

3 Zodiac Couples Who’ll Have Trouble Staying Six Feet Apart When They First Meet

If you've been without human touch for the past few months, going on a date for the very first time post-quarantine can make you feel like a contestant on Too Hot To Handle. While social distancing is crucial when reducing your risk of getting sick, lust can have a way of clouding your judgment. In fact, there are three zodiac couples who find each other so irresistible that they'll break social distancing rules when they first meet. For some, being in quarantine can make you crave physical con

How To Go On A Socially Distant Date, According To Experts

Getting up close and personal with someone you barely know is so last year. As states across America are at the beginning stages of reopening, and restaurants and bars slowly start hanging "open" signs on their doors, the person you've been flirting with online may finally ask you out IRL. So, how can you safely go on an in-person date, post-quarantine? Can you go on a socially distant date? Is that even a thing? According to dating experts, it very much can be. "Some singles are wanting to awa

3 Extra Cautious Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Hold Off On Meeting You In Person

What does it mean when the person you've been online dating for the past month is avoiding any talk of making plans to meet up in-person? Well, it could mean they're not that into you. Or you could just be talking to a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Although many states are in the beginning phases of reopening, not everyone is eager to leave the house and start going on dinner dates. In fact, there are three zodiac signs most likely to date you online and delay meeting you, and — shocker — they al
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